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Allison Leigh Allen Care Fund

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Allison Leigh Care Fund
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Allie's Story

Allison Leigh Allen (Allie) was born on September 19th, 2014. Allie was born with a rare genetic
muscle condition, Nemaline Myopathy, which causes severe muscle weakness. There are less than
100 reported cases of her exact genetic mutation and there is currently no cure. She spent the
first 3 months of her life in the hospital NICU. Unable to feed or breath on her own, she has had
two surgeries. The first was for a feeding tube in her tummy and the second for a tracheostomy
to help her breathe with support of a ventilator. Allie is home now and making progress every
day with the help of a team of dedicated nurses, therapists and her loving parents. Her care is
extensive and there are many extra costs associated with hiring help when nursing coverage is
unavailable, medical bills and supplies that are not covered by insurance, and gas to and from
doctor's appointments in Sacramento. This campaign has been created for any future efforts to
support her special care so that we can help Allie thrive. Allie is a strong girl, this we already
know. It takes a village to raise a child, especially a child that requires the extra care and support
associated with Nemaline Myopathy. Go Team Allie Leigh!
You can follow Allie's progress on her Facebook page "Sweet Allie Leigh."